Improving the geo-text parser interface

We’ve fixed some issues with Unlock Text, the placename text extraction service, thanks to feedback from members of the OSGeo-UK community.

Parsing of HTML pages is now reinstated and there’s a bit more documentation on the form-based interface; the meaning of the options should be a bit clearer.

The main outstanding caveat is that if you use the ‘XML’ document type option, but the document you send isn’t well-formed XML, you’ll still see the unfriendly “Error executing command-line application”.

Next step is to trap the different error states better so we can offer more meaningful feedback to the user if these errors do occur. However that will take a while longer to resolve, with input from our partners in this part of the project, the wonderful people at the Language Technology Group in the University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics.

We’ve also streamlined the process of registering an API key to access OS data through Digimap, so it should be a bit clearer where to go to add a new key for a new IP address.


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