Linked Data impact and long-term URL preservation

After a quick pass through Paul Miller’s draft Linked Data report for JISC, I looked out the notes I had made when we talked in the Black Medicine cafe. There were unusually few notes, for quite a long conversation.

I don’t think we really discussed anything that featured in the draft Linked Data report; not the implementation issues. We talked about the broader implications of linked open data for JISC services, about business models for support of open data, about the upcoming effort on …

One topic I did take notes on was that of long-term URL preservation – what kind of institution to approach to make a commitment to keep a URL around for 30+ years for the use of, say, a library special collection georeferencing project (and hopefully many others).

Here is an edit to a set of notes I wrote for @simonjbains and others at the Digital Library in Edinburgh. It’s likely this requirement is not unique to geo-services, but bibliography and media archive projects would surely face similar needs to make sure that references really stick around.

RCAHMS was another interesting choice given their involvement in digital gazetteer reference already with
Scotland’s Places.


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